Our Leaders

As Head of the Church and the Savior of the body, the Lord Jesus Christ gave officers necessary for the edification of His Church and the perfecting of the saints. These officers are Elders (pastors/shepherds, overseers or rulers) and Deacons. Elders have responsibility to oversee the whole work of the local church, with a focus on the ministry of the Word, prayer and worship. Deacons have been given as assistants to the Elders to administer the work of the church. The congregation is to follow with esteem and love the teaching and example of those who lead them.

Pastor Bo Cogbill – Moderator of the Session

Bo Cogbill (MDiv, Westminster/Redeemer Seminary, Dallas, TX, 2012) was installed as the pastor of Reformation Covenant Church in January of 2019. He and his wife, Rachel, met at TCU, in Fort Worth, TX, where they both earned their BA in Finance, and more importantly, came to follow Christ. They have three other Texans, Bailey, Sydney, and Keller, and their consensus favorite thing to do is “just be together” (outdoors, if possible). Pastor Cogbill currently sits on the board of the Reformed Evangelical Seminary and the CREC Domestic Church Planting Network. He hopes to help pastors, elders, and church leaders get equipped to counsel so that soul care will return to the sphere God intended – the local church.

Devin Smith – Associate Pastor 

Devin has worked for over 17 years in Christian education. He’s served as a principal, dean, and has taught classes from first grade through college. He is married to Amy and they have four thoroughly-baptized children: Aiden, Jonathan, Geneva, and Abigail. He is a graduate of The Master’s University with a BA in theology and an M.Div. Devin has been a member at RCC for five years, and he joined the elder board and was installed as associate pastor in August 2020. Devin loves classic movies, hiking around Oregon, playing board games with his family, golf (but you wouldn’t know it), and dating his wife. 

Gary Barnard – Elder
Gary is a telecom engineer who has faithfully been at the same company for over 30 years, first in Vancouver, B.C. and later transferring to California. In 2003 he and his wife, Alice, decided they needed a stronger church-family community, so they packed up their kids and moved from southern California to northern Oregon. It has been an unspeakable joy to be part of RCC. Over the years Gary has taken on several projects at church and enjoys serving the Body of Christ. Gary’s hobbies include beekeeping, hunting, shooting and being a Canucks hockey fan. Gary and Alice have 4 children: Catie (Andre), Christy, John and Paul, and live in Oregon City. Gary was ordained and installed as an elder at RCC in November 2016.

Matt Dau – Elder
Matt and his wife Ana have four kids and have lived in Oregon City since 2006. Originally hailing from Green Bay, Wisconsin, Matt is a civil engineer working in asset management in the hydroelectric power industry. Matt is active in Christian education, having taught at a Christian school for several years and currently serving on the board of directors of another local Christian school. He was ordained and installed as an elder at RCC in January 2018.

Michael Lortz – Elder – Clerk of the Session
Michael has been part of RCC for nearly his entire life. He and his wife Elaine (Elly) met at RCC’s annual family camp as teenagers, married in 2001, and have 5 children. They live in Oregon City. A graduate of the University of Idaho, Michael is a licensed CPA and is the CFO of a Portland firm. He speaks often on tax-related topics. Michael has been active in Christian Education at RCC for many years as well as various Christian ministries outside of RCC. He was a founding board member of Love In the Name of Christ of Clackamas County in 2004 and continues to serve that organization. Michael was ordained and installed as an elder at RCC in November 2016.

Roger Payne – Elder 
Roger was born and raised in San Diego, California, and served six years active duty in the US Navy from 1972-1978, where the Lord found and saved him. After his enlistment, he attended Multnomah University, graduating in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Education. Roger has served our congregation as a Sunday School teacher and administrator, has overseen the weekly Sunday fellowship meal (Agape), the internal benevolence program, and the greeters. Roger served as a deacon from 2003 until his ordination and installation as an elder in November of 2016. He and his wife Beverly have 4 grown children and LOTS of grandchildren. They have been members at RCC since 1995 and live in Oregon City. 

Daniel Forster – Deacon
Daniel has been part of RCC for basically his entire life (since his family started coming in 1987). He and his wife Katelyn married in 2008 and they have six children. Daniel is a homeschool graduate who continues to read and learn whenever he gets the chance, and for over 10 years he has managed Doorposts Publishing, a ministry dedicated to helping parents apply God’s Word to child-training. His service in the church has included leading a retirement home ministry, helping organize events, leading the missions  and outreach team, and more recently, joining the deacons board.

Bryan Hangartner – Deacon
Bryan has been a member of RCC since he was baptized there as a child along with his three other siblings. He was homeschooled through grade school and high school, and attended Portland State University to obtain bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Civil Engineering. He currently works as a project manager at Portland General Electric and is married with two daughters and a son. Some of his current service areas include running the weekly Sabbath Agape meal (potluck) and annual church Family Camp at Rockaway beach on the Oregon coast.

Adam Hayes – Deacon

Adam grew up at RCC and has been a member of this congregation for over 20 years. He graduated from Veritas Classical Christian school in 2013 and has been a piano technician since 2014. He is a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) with the Piano Technician’s guild and is currently the head technician at Classic Pianos Portland. He and his wife, Rhiannon, were married in 2016 and they have two children – Theodore and Lavinia. Adam was ordained and installed as a deacon in June of 2023, and is in charge of the building facilities.